The Dream Cycle, 2009.12

Hey, another dream! Who'da thunk it!?

Escaping the Army, Escaping the Giant

In this dream I was a medieval longbowman. I must have been doing scout work in a lowland area since I was alone. There were grasslands and farmlands around along with some wooded areas. Old-style hovels dotted the landscape. Eventually I came across an enemy patrol, they noticed me and attacked. I ran circles around them, plinking them with arrows every chance that I got. More and more enemy showed on the scene - the patrol was actually a flanking side of an army! I weaved through the soldiers hitting them with my bow while avoiding sword and axe swings and made my way into a corn field to hide.

The army gave up pursuit and when I emerged from the other side of the corn field, there was a giant waiting for me. He was about 20 feet tall and looked very similar to Andre the Giant. I would run around him, sending arrows into him while he tried to punch and swipe at me. I remember one manuever of running up his back and hitting him in the head with my bow before jump-spiraling off to run around again. I don't know how this battle ended since I woke up before it was over.

Action packed!


Blogger Los said...

There is NO WAY you defeated Andre the Giant ... sure, you may have defeated an entire army, but not Andre!!!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Ink and Stone said...

I said he looked *like* Andre. It wasn't Andre!

10:01 AM  

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