The Dream Cycle, 2011.1

First dream of the New Year!

Spiders in the Abscess

In the dream, I had a large abscess on the big toe of my left foot. Hundreds of tiny spiders were pouring out of the abscess in waves. Which promptly woke me up since I thought that was nasty.


The Dream Cycle, 2010.5

Wow, this year has been slooooow for remembering dreams. :/

Head Hats
In this dream, people were decapitating other people and wearing their heads as hats as if it was some kind of grotesque fashion statement. No. I don't know why. This dream may have been influenced by the movie 'The Corpse Bride' which had a 'living' head carried around by cockroaches in the movie.

Later in the dream, I ran into Mel Gibson who cut off his own head and wore it as a hat on his shoulders. Mel, you so crazy.


The Dream Cycle, 2010.4

Ink in the Veins
I was looking in the mirror at my right eye because it felt like there was something in it. I had broken a blood vessel and the 'blood' was slowly seeping out through my eye... except it wasn't blood. It was pure black, like ink. It spread from the upper right area of my eye through the iris and pupil down towards the lower left.

Lions of the Old West
For whatever reason, I was in an old west type town. I was hiding in a room on the second floor of a hotel. Looking out the window of the room, I could see a lion and two lionesses stalking through the town. Every so often the animals would work together to attack a tethered horse or chase after a person. I had a six shooter and would take pot shots at the lions to distract them. There were reports of people being eaten by the lions, but I only ever saw the lions catch tethered horses.


The Dream Cycle, 2010.3

Two for one!

Galaxy Brains
I was looking in the mirror at my left eye since it was bothering me. I saw a strange empty blackness in the corner of my eye and began pushing my eye into and towards the side of my head. I could now stare into my head and I saw a galaxy slowly spinning around, a million points of light all twinkling.

Rising Waters
I was standing on the beach (I think it was Ocean City, MD) staring out at the water. I noticed movement far to my right and strained to see what it was. Far far down the beach, the water was slowly rising like the waves were coming in at an angle to the shore and were inundating the area. I began moving up the beach.


The Dream Cycle, 2010.2

Blue Shark

I had a large (about 30' long) wooden skiff with dual levels. Topside was regular, it had steering, mast, sails, and rigging. Below was a little more strange, near the front of the hull was a large 6' square trap door (hull door?) that led directly to the water. Normally, a boat would sink if the hull had a hole in it... but mine didn't! I would lower crab traps through the hull door and sometimes drop a fishing line down. For whatever reason, this is how I made my living.

At one point in the dream, I opened the hull door and there was a huge pink and purple jellyfish (man-o-war maybe?) at the opening. I let it pass and proceeded to pull up a trap. By chance I had pulled up a baby blue shark that was on top of the trap. It didn't look too happy and was thrashing around and crying like an infant. I noticed on the top of it's head it had a small wound so I fetched some gauze, anti-bacterial cream, and some waterproof tape and attempted to treat the hurt little shark. It worked! After that the shark was looking at me with big blue eyes.

And that's all I remember...


The Dream Cycle, 2010.1

First remembered dream for 2010. Too bad I don't remember alot of it though.

Hunting Dillinger

I dreamt I was part of a federal agency tasked with tracking down John Dillinger. He's a 30's gangster who robbed multiple banks and was pretty notorious. Most of the dream is hazy, I remember talking to different people about Dillinger's whereabouts.

My team finally cornered him in the upper level of a bar/tavern where he seemed like he wanted to fight his way past us. I was trying to talk him into surrendering peacefully instead of opening up an imminent bloodbath.

What actually happened, I don't know... I woke up.


The Dream Cycle, 2009.13

Wave after wave

I was in an second floor apartment at the beach in Ocean City, MD. It was sunny and I could see the myriad of people playing at the shoreline. Suddenly, I saw on the horizon, a massive wave beginning to emerge. I began yelling about the wave but went unheeded. I stood in a doorway, watching the wave race towards the shore and braced myself for the impact.

People then realized what was coming and started screaming, but it was too late. The wave hit hard and the water came up to my knees on the second floor. The sound was massive, a strong rushing sound. I felt the apartment building bend and shift back from the onslaught of the wave, but it held fast. Eventually the wave receded and there was debris everywhere.

I remembered reading that the waves usually happen multiple times so I got down from the apartment - climbed down really since the wood steps were demolished. Then proceded running inland. Other survivors were also moving inland and a few of us grouped up to try to find shelter.

We came upon a large concrete and steel tower (broadcast tower?) where some other people had climbed to the top. We were debating whether to go up there when they started yelling that another wave was coming fast. We began climbing but didn't quite get high enough before the wave hit. I was holding on to steel piping and bars when the force of the wave slammed into my back. I felt hands grab me and haul me out of the top of the second wave as it rushed through the town. After a few minutes, the tower began began creaking and shifting then bent to about a 45 degree angle from the ground. We held on for dear life and the water finally began calming and receding.

We got down from the bent tower and began moving farther inland again. We crossed coastal highway - debris, crushed cars, and bodies everywhere. We passed the demolished ruins of a firehouse as we made our way farther and then stopped. We found the edge of the bay. There was no more running, there was no where to go. We heard the familiar dreadful roar of a third wave and frantically began searching for another way to survive this wave.

We found a boat, tethered and somehow undamaged from the last two waves. There was enough room for the group and we climbed in and shoved off. The 20 ft. wave was bearing down on us as we got the motor started.

And I woke up...