The Dream Cycle, 2007.12

Kung Fu Master

I was running through a forest of bamboo, followed by soldiers of some warlord. I was dressed in some sort of Chinese black and green outfit, the soldiers war blue and white. We eventually reached a small clearing in the forest and began to battle - it was just like a class kung fu flick - high acrobatics and over-the-top fighting styles! I vanquished my foes and continued running onward.

I reached a field of golden grain where I was approached by either more soldiers or bandits. Once again we began battling - a punch here, a flurry of kicks there. As we fought we moved into a wooded area - and when I 'defeated' one of my opponents he turned into a weird centipede-dragon creature and flew up into the trees. Strange indeed.

That's all I remember.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.11

The Caves of Ice... and Jellyfish?

I was in a cave of ice hunting some sort of abominable snowman type of creature. I was chasing one of the snowman through icy corridors and into another cave, when I was confronted by different look abominable snowmen. Oddly enough, -B- was there too and told me that I need to answer some trivia questions about jellyfish if I want to escape from these two snowmen. I remember sitting down on a frozen throne-type chair and looking at pictures of jellyfish - recognizing one as a man-o-war.

And that's where the dream ended.
(Was -B- some sort of evil genius controlling the snowmen?? The world may never know...)