The Dream Cycle 2007.18

Godzilla vs. The Ultra-Sonic Monster

I was in a city and this large, 50 foot high, gecko-looking lizard was stomping around through the streets. The lizard looked ALOT like the Geico Gecko, though the colors were a bit off... this one was more olive looking. I would watch the creature stomping through the city, and it would give out a strange roar, very similar to the sounds heard in this odd movie trailer. Except the sound of the roar was visible, it went out as a shockwave from the creature, gaining speed until it broke the sound barrier. Whatever was around the shockwave when it broke the sound barrier was destroyed - obliterated. This is how the creature was destroying the city.

At some point in the dream, Godzilla came onto the scene, he came up behind the gecko and put a full nelson on him, all the while roaring his classic roar! The gecko broke out of the hold and the two creatures began battling in earnest. This is where I decided I was too close to the action and started making my way away from the monster battle royal.

And I woke up...


The Dream Cycle, 2007.16 and 17

A Saddening Dream
I had a dream that my grandmother was telling me she was still alive and wanted to come over to the coast and see me.

I think my sanity has unhinged a little further.

Transformers Slapstick
In a third-person sort of view... or bird's eye view, kind of a mix.
I was watching some guy, a mayorly sort - dressed in a black suit and monacle. White hair and balding. Walking with a Transformer chick through what looked like some sort of Transformers/Human embassy. (I have no idea if the Transformers ever had femalesque robots - but this one was pink and chrome - very cool looking actually.) They eventually came to what I can only describe as an adult jungle-jim, that the Mayor climbed up so he could be eye-to-eye with this Transformer as he conducted negotiations with her. He said something offensive and she stormed off. Before she left, though, he asked how he was to get down from the 'jungle-jim' and she pointed to an exit which was a slide. He went through the slide face first and wound up sticking into the ground face first.
Hence the 'slapstick' title!