The Dream Cycle, 2007.20

The Sickle Sword

In this dream, I had recently bought a 'sickle sword' that was in the shape of the image below:

This sword was of a highly polished metal with gems embedded both in the blade and the handle.
I remember seeing Dan and Cliff in the dream, we were outside in some park. I was showing Cliff the sickle sword, and he kept saying something like, "That's crap! It wouldn't stand up to a good katana!" So then I sliced an oak tree in half with it, and he changed his mind.

That's where the dream ended.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.19

A short little write-up of a dream here:

Cotton Candy Ear
In this dream, which I remember very little of, I was looking in a mirror at my left ear. My left ear had an odd feeling to it, like it was clogged. So looking at it, I saw what looked like light blue cotton stuffed in the ear canal. So with a pai of tweezers, I began pulling out the cotton only to find that it was cotton candy! So I continued pulling cotton candy out of my ear until I had an amount about the size of my head.

I didn't eat it though. After all, it did come out of my ear!