The Dream Cycle, 2007.21


In this dream, a volcano built up relatively near Bristol. For whatever reason, I wasn't in Bristol at the time, but when I went back to try to collect my stuff, I waas stopped by some police saying, "You don't want to go on there, everything's in cinders."

So I went in anyway, at least partially. I got to a point where the ground was all scorched, all the trees were charred stumps, and there were fires all over the place. The fire was very strange looking though, it was clear. Yet, I could still see the air "rippling" around the fire and it was still kicking up sparks.

Then I met, of all people, President Bush in the charred zone. He was by himself, and said he was planning on giving a support speech from the ruined area. Eventually we found his camera crew, and he started preparing to give his speech akin to a reporter reporting on the destruction. Weird.

I decided it would be too dangerous to go any farther and decided to go down to Delaware to get away from the volcano.