The Dream Cycle, 2007.8

This is actually an old re-occuring dream I had when I was a kid...


I would be in a field with rows of little sapling trees, each about 5 feet tall. I would be running inbetween these saplings, back and forth, grabbing the tree as I passed and swinging around to the other side grabbing the next tree and swinging back. Eventually, I would just 'pick up my legs' and I would continue to go back and forth between the trees, but now I'm flying. This would go on for a while, then I would let myself lift off the ground about 15 feet. I'd make a wide arc and slam into the second story of my neighbor's house.

I would also have other flying / levitating dreams, too. I remember one where I would walk outside of my house. Lift my arms up from my sides, and while concentrating I would slowly levitate up and over my house. Eventually I would light down upon the roof and I'd stay up there for awhile watching the different happenings in my neighborhood. (This dream always felt so real)


The Dream Cycle, 2007.7

Girlie Mummies
Good Gauze! Look at the wrappings on her!

Dream #1:
In this dream, I'm in a labyrinthe of rooms and I'm exploring them. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all beige and tan colored. I remember paintings on the walls, but I don't remember what they were. So I'd wonder through this complex and every so often I would pass a girl wrapped in gauze - your stereotypical mummy. They didn't seem to notice me or were preoccupied with whatever, they just kept walking around.

Eventually, this mummy chick comes up to me and says, "Come with me. I need to show you something." So she takes my arm and leads to this room with a huge stone 'altar' in the center of it covered with hieroglyphs. (BTW, I could see her face and hair - she wasn't rotted or anything... I half way think these girls weren't mummies, just a cult that like to dress as mummies... LOL, like that's any better) She asks me to lie on the altar, which I do, then she covers me with a shroud which is covered in hieroglyphs.

Next thing I remember is that gauze wrappings began to snake their way across my body, slowly covering me. I was becoming a mummy!

And that's where it ended....

Plumber Man with Green Hair

Dream #2:
I woke up in my apartment in the dream, went walking out into the living room and a maintenance man was sitting on the couch, eating a hoagie. The guy had green hair which he dyed for St. Patty's Day. He told me he was there to replace some piping in the sink - which he was doing for all apartments - but he didn't want to wake me up with all the noise so he was waiting for me to wake up.

He noticed that I had left some anime on the TV and told me about this kick ass anime that he's been watching. He went and got a DVD and put the anime on my TV for me to watch. Though I don't remember what it was.

Then he went to work on fixing the sink and I woke up.