The Dream Cycle, 2010.2

Blue Shark

I had a large (about 30' long) wooden skiff with dual levels. Topside was regular, it had steering, mast, sails, and rigging. Below was a little more strange, near the front of the hull was a large 6' square trap door (hull door?) that led directly to the water. Normally, a boat would sink if the hull had a hole in it... but mine didn't! I would lower crab traps through the hull door and sometimes drop a fishing line down. For whatever reason, this is how I made my living.

At one point in the dream, I opened the hull door and there was a huge pink and purple jellyfish (man-o-war maybe?) at the opening. I let it pass and proceeded to pull up a trap. By chance I had pulled up a baby blue shark that was on top of the trap. It didn't look too happy and was thrashing around and crying like an infant. I noticed on the top of it's head it had a small wound so I fetched some gauze, anti-bacterial cream, and some waterproof tape and attempted to treat the hurt little shark. It worked! After that the shark was looking at me with big blue eyes.

And that's all I remember...


Blogger Los said...

So, you made a shark-friend?!?!? Should we start calling you Aquaman?

6:32 AM  
Blogger Frederick said...


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