The Dream Cycle, 2006.12

Death by Fusion Ray

It begins with me in the back yard of my parent's old house. It's night and very dark, barely any light. I'm sneaking around the yard, tracking some creatures that I know aren't human. There's two of them, the typical grey alien look to them, except much bigger and more built. These two are wearing grey/green rags and are talking to each other in a series of clicks, whistles, and noise - similar to the aliens in Signs.

As I'm standing behind a tree, leaning around watching and listening to them; one of them notices me and I freak out. I start to run across the yard and find an old car - looks kinda like a cross between an old Oldsmobile and a Nova. I get in the car and try to start it, but it's dead. I see the aliens coming closer, they're are moving cautiously and very slow, watching me.

I get out of the car and make a wide circle around them, running to my neighbors house. My neighbor has a light blue door which I start banging on screaming for them to let me in. (My old neighbor's door was actually maroon, btw) They let me in, but it's not actually my neighbor. There's a woman of Indian/Arabian descent holding an infant, and a child around 11 or 12 years old living there. I yell to them to arm themselves, that the creatures are following me. I go searching through their kitchen and found some very sharp steak knives, each about a foot long. I take one and I give one each to the 12 year old and the woman.

The kid yells that they're inside, and I rush into the foyer to see the two aliens standing there looking very menacing in there grey/green rags. I lunge at the closest alien and stab it in its upper right shoulder. It screams and swings at me, but I dodge the attack. I twist the knife in its shoulder and slice across towards it's throat as hard as I can. Red blood sprays everywhere, the alien has a huge gaping gash in its throat and upper torso... the other alien also has a huge gaping wound at the same place, they both drop. I remember thinking that these aliens must be symbiotic to each other and killing one kills the other.

I tell the lady to stay and hide, I'm going to try to draw away any more creatures and I go running out the door. Outside I'm confronted by about half a dozen aliens that look very different than the other two. These aliens each have four legs, bent like crickets and an abdomen that leads up to a humanoid torso and grey alien head. They are also beige in color. Each is armed with a knife and they surround me and begin attacking me - slash by slash by slash. I fall to the ground knowing I'm about to die at the ?hands? of malicious aliens.

Suddenly up above me, a spaceship appears and decends about 20 feet above me, the ship is a silvery metallic and saucer-shaped,it has a glowing weapons center similar to the ships from Independence Day.
***Here my perspective changes to out-of-my-body... maybe I was dead and my spirit was watching?***
I can see the 4-legged aliens still attacking my body and this ship charging up it's weapon and firing what I can only describe as a ray or blast of bluish-white energy straight down on me. The blast makes a huge explosion, I see the 4-leggers go flying and vaporizing in the blast, I'm guessing my body disintegrated as well. I remember thinking that these aliens must REALLY hate me to use a weapon like that on me.

That's the end... I woke up.


The Dream Cycle, 2006.11

How the Old West was won.

I find myself in an Old Western style town. The stereotypical town - dusty with a few trees and a few cacti around. Lots of buildings, a General Store and Trader, Exchanger, Sheriff and Jail, a few Saloons, Hotels, some houses, and a Town Hall to name a few of the buildings. I believe it was a mining town since there was an Exchanger in the group (where a miner takes there findings to trade for cash).

Well, I'm in this town and the town's been having trouble with outlaws who every so often come in and raid the town. We decide to fight the outlaws the next time they come, but the townsfolk are very very afraid of these highwaymen. We get word that the outlaws are on there way into town from the south, and I go racing to my hotel room to get my shotgun and rifle. Alot of the folk are hiding, but there's enough folk taking position around town to defend when the bastards arrive.

I start running around town looking for a good place to set up a "sniper's nest"
so I can pick off some of the outlaws before they get to the town limits. I remember seeing a large wooden box suspended on wooden tressles and the box has a gold-hinged trapdoor at the bottom. I thought to myself that would be an excellent place to set up a nest, but my head would never fit through the ttrapdoor!!! It was a very small trapdoor.

I decide to take a position on the roof of one of the taller buildings. All set up, I see the highwaymen coming over a hill at the outskirts of town, I begin to open fire and...

I wake up.



I've either been dreamless or just not remembering my dreams lately. Drat. More to come, hopefully.


The Dream Cycle, 2006.10

Open House and the Officer

So in this dream, I was at a friend's open house back in my old neighborhood in Baltimore. I guess they were trying to sell the house - hence the open house. So I'm walking around and for some reason I'm carrying a shovel with me. Mind you, it was one of those small three-foot shovels, and people get uneasy whenever I walk near them. Heh. Eventually, the owner of the house (looked like that gray-haired idiot from american idol) approaches me with an officer of the law.

The officer asks me what I'm doing here and that I have to leave because I'm harrassing the people. Oh, and the entire time I'm talking to this pig, he's got a smug almost condescending look on his face... you know, the kind of look that makes you want to tear a persons face off - that look that says 'I'm better than you'. I tell the officer it's an open house event and I was checking out the house. Plus, I tell him I'm doing nothing to the people, not even talking to them, so how could I be harrassing them? He says I'm being stubborn and that he's an officer to the law, and I better listen to him. I ask him who's harassing who now?

At this point he asks me about the shovel, this is where it gets cryptic. I mentioned to him it was for digging holes in the ground and then burying lost dreams, causes, or something like that. Of course, it's probably the most important part of the dream and I don't remember it clearly!

And that's all I remember.


The Dream Cycle, 2006.9

This is a dream from Saturday night, December 9th.
Spiders on the Lawn

In the evening, I'm standing on the front lawn of my parent's old house on Fox road. I see 'little', about 1 foot in diameter, greenish brown spiders with sharp fangs crawling after me. I start running around the yard, but there are spiders in every direction. Some of the spiders have glowing drops of green goo dripping from their fangs, other spiders have glowing blue drops goo. I seem to remember them spitting/flinging the poison (that's what it is, I assume) at me; but I duck or dodge it everytime.

And that's what I remember.


6 Wicked Things

If you read this, you're tagged. (Unless you've already done this - no point in repeating yourselves!)

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the “6 wicked things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 wicked things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. Schizophrenia runs in my family, I hope I don't have it, but who knows?

2. I once went to a party where there were blacklights everywhere and I decided I wanted to glow in the dark. So I took some Tide and water, mixed it up, and smeared it all over my face. I glowed for a good bit of time, and then the detergent absorbed through my skin, and I got sick. Very, very, very sick. I've never puked so much in my life.

3. I don't believe in the conventional idea of sin, but I do believe that betrayal is the worst kind of 'sin' possible.

4. I've lost friends and family to heroin. Some have died, some I cut ties from. If you're so damn weak that you have to start doing that stupid shit to get through life, than get the fuck away from me. Kill yourself on you own time, I'm not going to watch you, nor do I have sympathy for you. Everyone has problems, hurting yourself and the people who care about you is not the answer. OK, I'm done sounding like an afterschool special now.

5. I secretly hope for the end of the world or a revolution in mankind's ideals and lifestyles.

6. I despise pro-sports. Bunch of over-paid, muscle-headed rejects. All that money pumped into this stupid crap could be put to MUCH better use. But that will never happen. Just like all the money pumped into stupid wars could be put to MUCH better use - imagine if all that war and 'defense' money was put into education. Oh wait, I forgot, the government wants to keep it populace stupid. Stupidity = better control, after all.


The Dream Cycle, 2006.8

Been a little while, but I remember a dream from last night!
I'll call this one: Stealing The Egg.

It starts that myself a few others are walking through a large valley in a badlands type of area. Ya know the kind of area, huge cliff walls reaching towards the sky, sand at our feet, large ferns and palms all over the place. The valley definately had a very old feeling to it... one may even say ancient. Eventually, we come across a large white glowing/pulsing stone, about the size of a basketball - but a bit more flattened at the poles - and one of the people with me states that she needs to take that stone, it's important! (Mind you, I have no idea who the other people were in this dream, can't remember faces or voices).

So she takes the stone and we continue walking and there is a loud thunderous roar behind us! Turning around, I see a HUGE Brontosaurus moving at a relatively fast gate towards us. The Bronto had a reddish rust colored hide with a beige underbelly, and it was tall. Very friggin' tall. It seems that glowing white stone is actually a brontosaurus egg and Angry Red is probably it's mother.

So we run, in the middle of this badlands is a white door. Well, whatever, we go through and now we're in a hotel. The hotel has many floors so I start running up flight of stairs after flight of stairs. Of course, the Bronto can't get through the door, but I don't care. It was angry and I'm getting away!

And that's all I remember.