You Know What I Despise?

The vertigo I suffer from the cyst in my head. Though the constant lack of balance is quite amusing.

My addiction to soda. Really, I would love to stop drinking this crap; but my self-discipline sucks.

Traffic. 'nuff said.

Bad analogies. On the show "The Universe", they tried to compare the gravitational pull of Jupiter that sling-shots asteroids to a person throwing a frisbee. No. Just no.


The Dream Cycle. 2008.7

The Good Samaritan Moment

My sister and I were in South East Philly walking around enjoying the day. Oddly enough, it was very rural looking - mainly just streets and trees. A bunch of other people were also walking around and we said 'hi' to this guy who looked like the guy from "Super Size Me" except with darker hair and a handle-bar mustache. (I remember thinking to myself "is this guy from the 1800's? What kind of mustache is that?")

So we continued walking and a few blocks away, I found someone's ID on the ground. Looking at it, I realized it belonged to the handle-bar mustache guy. Oddly, I found his name was "Mooloooose". Yes, that's the name printed on the ID. I'm surprised I could actually read something in a dream. So I went looking for this guy to give him his ID but never found him and then woke up.


You Know What I Despise?

So I think I have a new semi-reoccuring discussion... "You Know What I Despise?" will chronicle all the things that piss me off in the world.

So... You Know What I Despise?

Selfish assholes who think their screwed-up lives give them a right to treat other people like dirt.

(This one's for Los) People who don't use their turn signals.

People who think Coors and Budweiser are good beer.


The Dream Cycle, 2008.6

The Rat

Back in Fallston at the old house.
I'm walking down the driveway to cross the street to the house on the other side, for some reason my parents are living in that house and they're having a little party out behind the house near the woods.

As I reach the road I hear animals screaming and fighting from behind my parent's house and decide to head back to my house to get a gun and shield. (No, I don't know why a shield)

I walk into the garage and as I look around for a gun, I hear animal screams outside the garage doorway. A very VERY large rat (2 feet from nose to base of tail - about 3.5 feet with the tail) comes tearing into the garage. I get really pissed off and kick the rat straight in its face. It rears up and hisses at me.

I. Wake. Up. Dammit.
I wanted to fight a giant rat.