The Dream Cycle, 2008.8


I dreamt I was looking in a mirror and I could feel something in my sinusses and throat. Looking in the mirror with my mouth open as wide I could, I could see something thin and black hanging down my throat. It was about as wide as a regular pencil but flat and segmented similar to a tape worm. I reached into my mouth and pulled out the thing so it was sticking out of my mouth. When I pulled on it, I could feel a tug on the back of my sinus cavity. Whatever this thing was, it was buried into my sinuses.

It got even more strange as I could suddenly "see" inside of my sinusses. The pinkish fleshy mucous covered skin and this black marble-sized thing embedded half-way in the flesh. It had hooks sticking into my flesh. This must be the thing's head with its body trailing down into my throat.

I couldn't remove it. I think it may have been trying to bore its way up to my brain.


You Know What I Despise?

Drivers who freak out when we get a little bad weather. Calm down! It's just a little rain.

My landlord company. I call them in the middle of the day and no one answers. Shady little bastards.

Mosquitos. And people-mosquitos... instead of sucking blood, they suck out your energy.


You Know What I Despise?

The "plane-getting-ready-to-take-off" sound of the XBox360 fan. Seriously, does that thing really need to be that loud?

Companies that poison the environment. Poor little duckies. These companies should be completely eradicated. No mercy. No "try-to-fix-it" second chances. If they don't have enough sense to protect the environment in the first place, then screw 'em.

"My-way-is-the-only-way" religions. Intolerant much?