The Dream Cycle, part 5

Another relatively short dream, mainly because I don't remember much of it.
I'll call this one Track.

In the dream, I was at my old high school, ah yes, that place that I loved to hate. But more precisely, for some reason I was at the track behind the school... ya know, where gym teachers would make students run in circles for an hour or so... of course, these idiot gym teachers would never try running the track themselves, they were to busy shoving twinkies down their fat gullets and ogling the female students. Fuckin' pervs.

Anyway, I was at this track and it was empty. There was a chain link fence that went around the track (probably there so the girls couldn't run off and hide from the pervos.) on the far side of the length of the track, was a little shack. This shack is where the grounds keeper lived (the actual track never had a groundskeeper or shack, for that matter). For some reason, I went into this shack and none other than SuperDave was the groundskeeper. He had a Groundskeeper Willie kinda job going on, taking care of the track and what not... he had all his lawn equipment in there plus his regular living stuff - must be kinda stinky living with the smell of cut grass 24/7. I knew I had to ask him something about the track, but I don't remember what.

And that's all the of the dream that I remember.
Pretty uneventful, but I figure I'll document everything I dream... no matter how droll.


The Dream Cycle, part 4

Another dream! This one's not very in-depth, since I don't remember much of it.
We'll call this The Fir and The Lost

It starts with me eating a salad in a ceramic bowl, but not just any salad, this salad had little Fir branches in it. I believe it was a mix of Blue Fir and Doglas Fir branches - since that's what it reminded me of. Where I grew up we had Blue and Douglas Fir trees, so that kind of explains why the tree types. Though I never tried a Fir salad before!

The next thing I remember, I'm talking to Ben and Zeke from the TV show Lost and they are trying to sell me a notebook computer. Hmmmm, I guess they're going to start a computer business on the island!!?? I'm an avid watcher of Lost, so that explains their appearance, but the computer thing?? Maybe because I've started contemplating a new desktop PC??


Faith, Symbolism, and Thyroids

I read. I read alot. Recently I read an article about the Holy Grail isn't actually the 'cup of Christ' but a metaphor. A metaphor for the bloodline or lineage of Christ. It's interesting stuff. It goes on to say that Christ, at one point in his life, married Mary Magdalene and had children with her. And she eventually moved to France with her kiddies and the lineage survives to this day. (I think that's what the Da Vinci Code book/movie is about, but I haven't read or seen either) Definately interesting stuff.

On a slightly related and slightly different note, I constantly examine my faith towards the spiritual. I used to think I was faithless, that I lacked belief. But I've come to the conclusion that I do believe in an afterlife, and I do believe in a 'god' per se, just not one that the major or minor religions subscribe to. There's too many discrepencies and hypocracies in current religions to pay them much heed. I don't think it's due to the religion itself, but more due to the interpretations of the religion and the subsequent altering of moral principals through the ages by people who seek power and control over others. For instance, how can a god that preaches love - 'love yourself, and love others' also preach 'love me or burn'? That's domination, and a form of hypocrisy - to tell others to love everything than not practice that love yourself. After all, if you truly love everything - then you love them even if they make a different choice than you. If a god can't practice it's own preaching, it's not worth following.

On an even deeper note, God is limitless, Knowledge is limitless, therefore God equals Knowledge and since we have the the capacity to learn all Knowledge, wouldn't that make us a facet of God?

Now for something a bit more mundane...
My Pop met with his doc to find out more about this thyroid problem he's having. It seems the thyroid in his neck is enlarged and sitting lower in his neck than normal, much lower. So low that part of the enlarged thyroid is inching into his chest, coming near his aorta and it's also displacing his trachea. So it's surgery, which isn't a really big deal, thyroid surgery is relatively simple barring complications. The problem is that since his thyroid is going into his chest, the docs are worried there could be complications. Here's to hoping for the best when it finally gets done. Also, the doc said there's a problem with his pitutary gland - it regulates the thyroid growth - and that's why the thyroid didn't stop growing/became enlarged. It's also a heriditary thing - so I'll be getting the blood tests done in December to make sure my thyroid is in working order. Oh joy.


The Dream Cycle, part 3

Another dream, looks like this blog might become a dream journal of sorts! I'll call this one - The Leaking Pipes.

In this dream, I was in the basement of house that I made my home. It might have been my parents house, but certainly didn't look like it. The ceiling of the basement was 20 feet high from the floor. Quite a large basement. Their was piping running along the ceiling - copper unprotected piping with silver or chrome connectors where one pipe meets the other. The floor was made of a strange tiling that formed different patterns - unfortunately I can't remember the patterns - I just remember the tiles and the grout.

In the dream my hair was pretty shaggy, kinda like Shaggy's from Scooby Doo, except mine was a bit longer. I had taken a bath or shower, and I remember walking through the basement and seeing water on the floor - I heard the drip drip drip of water falling from the ceiling. Looking up, the piping had started leaking at one of the joints - I remember thinking the seal broke. Then the pipe joint started spraying the water hard, not just a dripping leak anymore. Then farther down the line another seal broke, then another, then another. All the visible pipping and joint seals had started spraying water. I remember thinking that my Dad had been messing with the water pressure and that he made the pressure too high forcing the pipe seals to break. The only other thing I remember was being worried that I was stuck in a flooding basement.

Strange, no?

A Crescent Moon?

How can it be a waning crescent moon already when a few days ago it was a waning gibbous moon? Time could not have passed that quickly. I guess it does only take a week to change from gibbous to crescent. Crazy.


The Dream Cycle, part 2

Pier Plague.

My sister and I decided to go fishing off of the pier in Cape Henlopen park in Delaware. Walkingout on the pier, there were little rectangular potted areas of grass every 10 to 15 feet or so. I decided to sit down on one of these areas while I was fishing.

While fishing, I notice that I have fleas all over me and they're starting to bite me. I got these raised boils on my skin in a disk shape, about the size of a dime, and they have a brownish-red color. I'm freaking so I ask my sister what I shoulf do about the boils and she tells me to pop them. So I do, and this nasty looking and smelling liquid comes squirting out of the boils. Nasty nasty.

I think I caught the black pier plague.


Do you Vertigo??

I had Benign Positional Vertigo over the last week.

Benign - Relatively harmless - not going to spread.

Positional - Only hits me when I turn my head or shift my eyes.

Vertigo - That's where an inner ear problem - could be a cold, extra fluid, or a host of other stuff - messes up your equilibrium by throwing off the workings in the semi-circular canal in the ear.

I really didn't mind the unbalanced part, I found it kind of humorous. What creeped me out is the lack of control over my own function. That was pretty scary.
I turn my head to the left, suddenly I feel like I'm falling to the left, so I either try to catch myself on the 'fall' by moving left, or tilt to the right to counter the 'falling' on the left. Course I'm not falling, so I go careening out of control.

My doc gave me a prescrip for Antivert, which is a motion sickness/vertigo medicine. But, my insurance doesn't cover it so I got stuck Meclizine - a generic motion/vertigo sickness drug. Seems to work but it makes me very drowsy.

I'm just glad I have my balance back...
Now I can walk into things of my own accord once again. Not because of some sickness.


Scum of the Earth

Scumbag Politicians...

I heard on one of the radio shows today as I was driving into work how certain politicians will put a bill into the House or Senate than tack on a whole mess of extraneous crap to it.

For example, a bill dealing with Port Security was getting pushed through the House and someone tacking on a measure that would ban digital transaction in online gambling (i.e. no using credit, debit, digital checks, etc.)

WTF? A bill dealing with Port Security is important. Don't tack on stupid crap to it you stupid fucking scumbag politicians. Do your job, you got a problem with online gambling?? Fine. Make a new bill that deals with what you perceive as a problem, don't just add it on to a much more important and completely unrelated bill.

Another example is attaching an Arctic Drilling measure to a Budget bill in the Senate. Arctic drilling has nothing to do with your fucking budget! Separate them! All because your oil company sugar daddys want to fuck up the Arctic doesn't mean you should attach that to a completly unrelated bill!

In short, this image should sum it up best: