The Dream Cycle, 2007.22

Finally! A dream stayed in my memory upon waking...

The War Game
I was standing on the top part of a dual-level playing field. The top area of the field was a good 50 feet above the lower area of the field. The area in between was around an 80 degree slope - something like a rock cliff. This field was enclosed on all sides by concrete walls and was about as large as a playing field. There were a few trees on both areas of the field, but they were mostly dead masses of splinters. The ground was scorched everywhere, and they were large chunks of the surrounding walls gouged out.

I was holding a rocket launcher, waiting for my opponent to arrive on-field. The launcher was about three and a half feet long, and launched 2 foot long white rockets. The rockets looked amazingingly similar to Germany's V2 rockets of World War II. After checking my weapon and waiting for a good 15 minutes, I heard rumbling from down below on the lower field.

My opponent had arrived. A large battle tank, which looked like a hybrid between a Sherman and a Tiger was positioning itself. The tank, of course, had a long cannon; but it also had a missile launcher mounted where the upper machine gun normally would be on a Sherman. After rotating around its field, I guess to take in its surroundings, the turret came to bear on my field and fired... game on!

An explosive blast hit a good 60 feet away from me and I dove behind the trunk of a dead tree. I don't think the tank had seen me since I had a serious height advantage. Peeking around the side of the tree, I let a rocket fly. It hit maybe 10 feet away from the tank. The tank's turret began turning towards me, so I went running back from the tree and a few seconds later the tree exploded. I felt a searing pain in my leg and saw a four inch by one inch piece of wood 'shrapnel' sticking out of my calf. That bastard drew first blood!

I hobbled up to near center front of my field, hid behind a ruined stone wall with a basketball-sized gap in it and launched a rocket. This time the rocket hit the tank squarely! And then I also noticed the faint trail of smoke the rocket left behind. Sonofabitch! Time to run again... er, hobble. I went hobbling toward the back and right side of my field when the damn wall exploded. Luckily, I didn't catch any shrapnel this time.

Now, I crawled up to the edge of the field overlooking my opponent. I trained my launcher on the tank as its turret was rotating towards me. Bastard must have guessed where I would be. So I fired the rocket and it streaked down towards that tank. The tank exploded in a satisfying and deafening explosive roar, but not before it could get one more shot off at me. The shell sailed high over me hitting the ceiling of this arena, odd that I didn't notice the ceiling before. Large chunks of concrete began raining down on my position. I rolled out of the way just in time as a medium-sized boulder came smashing down. I survived, I won the game.

And the dream ended.