The Dream Cycle, 2007.26

Not a good dream to have, not at all...


It started out that I was at work. Though it was the same place, the building was very different, bigger with larger parking lots. For whatever reason, I was in the men's bathroom washing the floor with a mop. People were asking me why I was doing that since I'm not a janitor, but I said the place was disgusting. The bathrooms were like a maze, too, many rows of stalls.

Cut to the next part, I'm out in back of the building at the loading area. Except that the loading area now has a full parking lot. It's a nice day, people are outside enjoying it (it was lunchtime), and I'm sitting there reading a book. This guy who looked like a skinny, lanky version of Anderson Cooper wearing a grey suit comes walking into the parking lot with a pistol. He starts opening fire and hits a person. Then a biker comes right towards him and the gunmen raises his arm and caps the bunker. He begins walking towards me, I bolt up and start running...

Then I woke up. My heart was racing a million beats a minute, pounding in my chest. That dream was actually scary.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.25

I was hoping to have at least one dream in December... I had two last night! Both really weird...

Bug in the Ear
In this dream, my left ear was hurting quite a lot. Looking in a bathroom mirror, I saw what looked like a skin tag in my ear canal. I decided to see if I could remove it (like a zit). What's weird here is that my ear canal was bigger than my head, I could easily fit both of my hands in my ear! So anyway, I begin squeezing on the skin around the tag and I can see something black showing at the top of the tag. (Yes, even though my head was facing sideways from the mirror, I could still see my ear in the mirror. Physics don't apply in my dreams.) I kept squeezing and a beetle or roach fell out of the tag. That's where, in the dream, I started freaking out since some disgusting bug was building a nest in the skin of my ear. So I grabbed some peroxide and rubbing alcohol and began dousing the opened tag which looked really nasty. And that's all I remember.

School for Orcs
This dream starts out that I'm on a bus with a bunch of Green Orcs. These Orcs were my friends for whatever reason, even though I was human. We arrived at the school and went into class. Our teacher lady, who is human, was invisible! Well, her body was invisible but her clothes were not. She was wearing a maroon corduroy outfit. Weird. So class starts and suddenly one of the Orcs pulls out a whip, lashes out, and wraps it around the neck of the bus driver (also human) who followed us in. The Orc is yelling "We were being lied to!" So I walk over to the bus driver and put my hand about 2 inches from covering her eyes and a crimson light begins to flow out from the palm of my hand. I begin reading her mind and discovering that we were lied to. But about what, I have no idea. And I woke up.

Yes, I watch too many movies and play too many video games; and I don't care! :)
The bug is dream is actually one of the few things that actually creeps me out. Bugs making nests in people's bodies. Ever seen Creep Show? The part with the roaches? Vomit.