The Dream Cycle, 2008.10

Fleeing the Invasion of Humanesque Aliens Who Fly In Rust Red MIGs... ?

I was driving down the road to visit my mom and pop when I started hearing explosions and gunfire overhead. Looking out the window I saw Air Force jets in combat with what looked like rust red Russian MIGs. The invasion had begun! Somehow I knew an invasion was imminent... o.O Anyway, I also knew that these were not MIGs just illusions or holograms to make the Air Force think they were fighting regular jets. The "MIGs" used lasers as weapons. MIGs... right.

So I'm driving like a bat out of hell down the road because I want to get to my parents and sisters and try to get them to safety. Every so often I would see a jet come barreling down out of the sky and smash into a hillside or an alien MIG com careening down hitting something and exploding (go Air Force!).

Finally, I get my parents and sisters and we high tail it out of the area into a wilderness still driving very fast. All the while the battle is raging in the skies overhead. At one point we stopped at a house out in the middle of no where, I think to sleep for the night.

After we get settled in, there comes knocks on the door of the house and I open it to find four of these MIG pilots standing there. They were slightly taller than the average human and had a grey complexion to their skin. There were three guys and one girl. (She was blond and hot. :) All of them were also covered with a strange grey viscous liquid. (Remember ID4 where Will Smith goes to the alien craft and the alien pilot is still inside? I imagined that's what there ships looked like inside - hence the liquid.) They're seeking shelter since their "planes" were shot down. My sisters and parents are like "No! no!" but I let them in to stay with us for the night.

And the dream ends there.
Did we survive the alien encounter? Did Earth survive the invasion? Did I get it on with the hot blond alien chick? (Eat your heart out Shatner!) Will I ever have a truly normal dream? The world may never know...


The Dream Cycle, 2008.9

Following the Dog

So I was walking through my old neighborhood with my old pup Jingles. He was a purebred Yorkshire Terrier - coolest little pup, very friendly and not too yappy. We're walking down the street and he goes tearing off towards a neighbor's house. Jing jumps through an open window going inside of the house. I follow the dog wondering how the hell he jumped that high.

I enter the house, slightly worried that I'd get nailed for breaking and entering, but he's my pup so I'm going to get him back. I go searching through the house and find that Jing went into one of the bathrooms and into the tub. Somehow he turned on the water and was standing and shaking under the bath faucet. I remember wondering how the hell did he turn on the water, but then decided while I'm here I might as well give him a bath. So I washed and rinsed the pup and then....

Woke up.

Not exactly an exciting dream, they're not all gems; but I'll still write 'em down.


You Know What I Enjoy?

The sound of rain on a quiet night.

Sleeping soundly which never really happens anymore.

Almost all kinds of dogs! Never really big into Rotties or Pitbulls, but Shepards, Hounds, Terriers, and Retrievers are awesome.


You Know What I Despise?

Skipped last week's rant...

You know what I despise? The f'd up weather cycle that is affecting the world. Seriously and there are still people who think nothing is wrong with the planet. Hurricanes, cyclones, mass tornados, floods, drought... the world is reacting, kids.

I'd say the fuel situation... but we all despise that.

People who are so set in their ways that they won't even entertain the possibility that something may be different than they think it is. Keeping an open mind is a good thing, ya know.


Glimpse of the Dream Cycle

I had a dream that I received a package in the mail.
Inside I found a large collection of Iron Maiden and Misfits CDs.
Also there were old video tapes of the bands in concert.

Rock on!