The Dream Cycle, 2007.2

Close Encounters of the Space Egg Kind

Once again, I'm in Ocean City, Maryland. It's summer and there are people on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. I have some people with me, but I can't remember who they were.

We start hearing people yelling things like "What is that?", "Look! Up in the sky!", and "They've got to be UFOs!". Looking down the beach, I see these strange silvery metallic objects come slowly flying up the beach about 50 or so feet above the ground. These things are egg shaped and have a double 'lip' around the center of it - lengthwise. The space egg is about 2 feet wide by three feet long. (see the pic below for my depiction of what it looked like)

As these craft reach where I am at, a few of them break off their path and begin hovering very close to different people - almost like they're inspecting them. One of the eggs comes hovering up to me, circling around me, and stops in mid-air about 6 inches from my face. I look at the egg and see my reflection in it - my reflection was distorted - like the surface of the egg was swirling and moving.

Here I got irritated that the egg was so close to me and push it away from me. The egg then hovers back to me and continues 'looking' at my face. (I remember feeling a little amazed that the egg was so easy to push away) I get more irritated and push it away harder. Once again it flys back to me and hovers in front of my face again. Now, I get angry, grab the craft and begin slamming it on the ground.

Eventually, the egg cracks open and splits along the 'lip'. A whole mess of wires spill out of it along with what looks like two small reptiles. The reptiles look like a cross between iguanas and godzilla, each about a foot long. Their skin is a mottled green and looks very rubbery - almost plastic-like.

I pick up the broken egg and the lizards and begin walking down the beach amongst the people yelling "Look! Look at the space egg! I have captured aliens!". At this point, the sky got dark - almost like nighttime. Behind me, up where the building were and about 2 blocks down, behind the building rose this terrible noise - like a grating drone of locust but more mechanical. White smoke/fog began pouring out between the buildings which was intermittenly lit up by flashes of purple and blue. I knew that this was the mothership landing and the aliens were probably pissed that I destroyed one of their scout ships.

So, I drop the ship and the reptile aliens and begin running up the boardwalk as fast as I can. Evey so often I look towards the buildings, towards coastal highway, and I see silhouettes of the typical 'grey' aliens. They're hunched over and have their claws extended. I figured the were trying to sneak around, maybe to try to surround me. So I keep running up the boardwalk...

And that's it. I woke up.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.1

1st post of the New Year!
I don't have much to say on this one, unfortunately, since I don't remember much of the dream.

I'll call this:
Sleeping on a Bed of Kidney Beans

In this dream, I remember sleeping. On a bed. Full of kidney beans. Except they were black kidney beans, not the usual light or dark red beans that I love in my chili.

That's it. That's all I remember.
Sleeping on a bed of kidney beans. o.O