The Dream Cycle, 2008.11

The Fall of Hulk Hogan

I was on a bridge with a film crew. The crew was there to film Hulk Hogan who was enacting a fight scene on the bridge for some show. I don't know why I was there, I don't think I was part of the film crew... maybe I was just a bystander. But anyway, as the fight scene commences, Hogan is battling some guy and they both wind up near the edge of the bridge and eventually go over the edge. I was standing at the edge since I wanted to watch the fall. Hogan pulls on a ripcord to a parachute (he does his own stunts?) but nothing happens. Also, the other guy is nowhere to be seen. So Hogan bounces off a few rocks then hits some more and comes to rest unconscious on the rocks below.

Some paramedics were on the site and they go down and retrieve Hogan (who's still alive!), put him on a stretcher, and bring him back up to the bridge. Looking at Hogan, I noticed that he didn't have any bruises, bleeding, or broken bones at all. No injuries... the guy's resilient. At this point, two girls take over the stretcher duty and begin wheeling him onto a cliff next to the bridge - there's an ambulance over there. I'm guessing they were his daughters but I have no idea. They were wheeling him kind of close to the edge of the cliff so I yell to them to move back a little. Sure enough, they lose control of the stretcher, it tips and Hogan goes bouncing down the side of the cliff and into the water below. (Where'd the water come from?) The girls are screaming frantically so I slide down the cliff and jump in the water after Hogan. He's still unconscious and we don't want him drowning, after all. I pulled him to the bank of the river(?) and the paramedics came down to check on him.

That's all I remember.

Know idea where this dream came from, I don't watch wrestling, I don't watch Hogan's reality show. The only time that I've recently seen him on tv was some court case thing and I only brushed over that. Weird.


Glimpse of the Dream Cycle

I was sitting in a chair with my hands gripping the arm rests. A LARGE German Shepard was sitting to my left and being a pretty good dog. We were both watching something far in front of us when I noticed the dog began chewing/gnawing on the knuckles of my left hand. I could feel the biting but felt no pain. I even felt the teeth of the dog scraping against the bones in my hand and fingers. I wasn't freaked out or terrified in any way... more just ponderous as to why the dog suddenly decided to eat my left hand.