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The Dream Cycle, 2007.10

The Warehouse

In this dream, I owned some sort of business. I was in the warehouse that contained all the merchandise for the business, though I don't remember what the merchandise was nor what the business sold.

I was at the front (north) of the warehouse, where there was a lobby. Some people started calling for help, saying they got lost within the rows upon rows of merchandise. So I went into the rows and found one row blocked by a lifter that some merch on pallettes. So I moved that lifter and continued looking for these people.

Eventually, I reached a door in the west side of the warehouse which lead into a lounge. In the lounge were Los, BT, Reverse, JoeP, Scraps, and a few other people. I remembered that they were all partners in this business. They were hanging about the lounge, some were watching a big screen TV, some were sitting at a bar having a few drinks, and some were playing darts. It was a very cozy lounge. I asked the guys if they heard the people calling for help and if they would help me find them. The guys answered that they haven't heard them and that they didn't feel like searching for the lost people. Lazy bastards.

So anyway, I went deeper into the warehouse searching for these lost people. I remember the lighting getting darker and darker the the farther in I searched.

And that's all I remember.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.9

Fighting Against Hell

Could it be a dream?? Why yes! I think it is! I remember this dream partially, but the wierdness of it warrants a posting. :)

In the dream, it was me and about five other people. Unfortunately, I don't remember who they were. I had just recently made a deal with the Devil to save the life of one of these people. This group of people and I are sitting in a beautifully ornamented dining room eating a lavish dinner. When, suddenly, both me and the person I saved disappear from our seats.

*skip forward*

Me and the other person are each trapped ina vial that is wrapped around a giant demon's neck who was sleeping. Each vial is partially filled with a reddish liquid which both tastes and smells foul. Oddly enough, we can breathe in the liquid, though. I remember seeing little people crawling on the skin of this giant demon (they looked no bigger than fleas). They were stabbing the skin with knives trying to get the demon to release us.

That's all I remember.