Glimpse of the Dream Cycle

I remember a little bit of a dream I had last night...

Parking at the Wharf
I parked my car at a wharf, and got ticketed because cars are not allowed to park at wharfs. They sink.
I took the ticket and ripped it up. It didn’t even look like a real ticket.. it looked like a food shopping list!
So I got in my car, which didn’t sink, and drove away!


A Point of Contention

To Whomever Broke Into My Apartment:
Pray I never find out who you are cause I will track you down...

(Do I actually expect the thief to read this?? Nope. But it's still good to get my anger off of my chest.)


The Dream Cycle, 2008.2

Remote-Control Jets That I Don't Fly Very Well

I was at work yet work was in my old neighborhood in Fallston, MD. There were four jets - F-14s, I think - parked out in front of the building. I was talking to Brian and Rob about why those jets were out there when I suddenly realized I was holding one of the fancy remote-controls with all sorts of knobs, switches, and levers.

I began to mess with the remote control and the ignition started on the planes. I realized that the remote would control the planes. So I promptly kicked up their speed from where they were parked and flew them in a wide arc above the neighborhood and then promptly crashed them. The crashes sounds like bassy explosions of thunder.

After crashing them I started freaking out, grabbed Rob by the shirt, and started screaming, "Were there pilots in there? Were there?" Rob responded that there were pilots in those planes, so I freaked out worse and went running out of the building into a wooded swamp. I stayed in the swamp because I knew that the authorities would be after me for wrecking four jets and killing four pilots.

Strange, no?


Glimpse of the Dream Cycle

Something about mutant grey squirrels that could run as fast as cheetahs and had really sharp pointy teeth...


The Dream Cycle, 2008.1

First dream of the new year and a very cool one at that...

At The Edge Of The Solar System

Myself and another person were astronauts. We travelled to the edge of the solar system without a ship and without spacesuits. We were just there. At the edge of the solar system is an area called the Oort Cloud.

While the real Oort Cloud is sphere that surrounds the solar system at the edge of the Sun's influence; the cloud in my dream was actually similar to a shoreline. Ever look at pebbles, stones, and shells on a beach at the very edge of the waterline? This is how the cloud looked - except that there was no sand and no water. Just billions and billions of little stones in a myriad of colors that circled the entire system. I remember walking through them wondering how they came to sit in that shoreline style and also wondered why they weren't drifting around. I remember seeing that there was black emptiness above and below these stones, but the emptiness was somehow shiny.

At this point I remember hearing voices and people clapping, and realized they were clapping for me. So I followed the soounds beyond the Oort Cloud into deeper space where I found a balcony and entranceway below it. Yes, it was drifting in deep space and pointing towards our solar system.

I went into the structure and immediately noticed that place was built of a very deep red type of brick. I followed a starcase up to the balcony and noticed a bronzish plaque over a doorway that led to the balcony. Written on the plaque was: "Sol Viewing Booth - Focus on the third planet." In the balcony area were chairs like one would find in any theater.

At this point the dream gets a little hazy, but I remember talking to someone on the balcony (looked human!) and they mentioned that they were observing our solar system. They also mentioned that once humanity contacted them, we would be invited to join them. I responded that they should install a beach umbrella above the balcony to shield their eyes from the harsh rays of the Sun; which they thought was an excellent idea. (Never mind that the Sun was, at this distance, slightly larger than every other star in the sky). So the "alien" gave me a requistion form to fill out to order an umbrella for them. Yes, the first act of humanity joining the other space-faring civilizations was to buy them an umbrella!!

I also remember a slightly squidish looking alien in the balcony too. Looked somewhat like Admiral Ackbar but with tentacles coming out of his cheeks.