Writer's Workshop: Giddiness

Ok, I'm tagging the 'giddiness' prompt of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop today. It got my brain juices flowing. :)

What are you giddy about?

I'm giddy about the new show "Warehouse 13" on the Sci-Fi channel. It's about two top FBI agents who get drafted into a secret program that has them scouring the country for artifacts that mess with peoples lives. So far there has been mind-control through eclectic music, subconscious release of desires via a psycho-analysts mojo-infused chair, bleeding stone idols that make person murderers, and a renaissance comb created by alchemy that contains the 'spirit' of a hateful woman in the mix. The actors and actresses have a great sense of chemistry and humor that makes for a fun presentation to the story. The warehouse itself is remniscent of the warehouse at the end of the Indiana Jones Raiders movie. It's full of artifacts that are still very active.

I'm NOT giddy that the Sci-Fi channel changed their name/logo to Syfy. Lame.

I'm giddy that my skill in brush-painting is improving. I'm incorporating scenes into my knowledge beside stand-alone studies. I'm also getting a better feel for using color in my paintings (I prefer using ink and wash (black, grey, and white) but I don't want to limit myself). And I'm sloooooooowly getting better with blending colors and shades of gray in the wet-on-wet technique. Maybe I should take a straight watercolor class (Western/modern-style) to get a bit more tutelage on that aspect of the art?

I'm giddy from the coffee I'm drinking. It's Irish Cream flavored. Tasty.

I'm giddy that every day passing is a day closer to no more college. So. Sick. Of. School.


Three Methods To My Madness

I haven't written in a while. So here's something for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

What are three things we would love to know about you!

1 - I freaking love art. Traditional, digital, oils, watercolor, 2D, 3D, photography, acting, music, etc. My main focus is ink and wash painting based upon Chinese and Japanese traditions. And my blog name is from the style - Ink and Stone also known as Sumi and Suzuri. I messed with oils years ago, used to paint scenes out of a magazine called Realm. It's a travel magazine that deals with Britain and has some of the most beautiful scenery photos I've ever scene. Excellent photographers there. Of course, there's music too... I've composed and produced electronic and traditional-based music through a few different genres. I did that more as a form of personal therapy than anything else. While I haven't composed anything in a long time, I still contemplate it. I can hear the midi-controller, stratocaster, samplers, and synthesizers all calling me. :) Acting? Well, ok, role-playing games really. It's a form of acting and provides a brief respite from the doldrums of reality. But true acting? No thank you - I'm not comfortable in front of crowds, I prefer not to be the center of attention.

2 - I think I found my philosophy in Taoism. Just kind of a 'go with the flow' mentality. Avoid conflict and don't look for conflict. Ignore the extreme highs and crushing lows, just be content with existence. Respect Nature and respect each other. Distance from those who only want trouble. Improve oneself. (I'm not a Taoist, just someone who's learning it.)

3 - I sing my ass off in my car when I'm alone driving where ever. Put on a good song, press that accelerator down and go! Considering I like aggressive music, sometimes I wind up hurting my throat. :) And if it's an instrumental - I'll still sing it, 'choraling' so-to-speak with the harmony of the song.

So there's three methods to my madness.

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