Why do I write?

More writer's workshop for Mama's Losin' It. I particularly like the choice of prompts this time around. Enjoy!

So why do I write?

It's an expression for my demensia, a catharsis for my inner demons. This word-smithing is a way to craft stories and tales from the multiple twisting tracks that run rampant through my mind.

Hopes and dreams and disappointments and angers. All archetypes of the emotional construct and all want their words to be heard first. It's to share knowledges and experiences, viewpoints and opinions on the world-at-large and the world-at-small. This microcosm tries to make sense of the macrocosm while not necessarily trying to reflect the chaotic turbulence that I seem to always witness. As above, so below... I think not.

It's a way to sort through the memories and the experiences to try to reach an understanding of position in this life and in this world. That ever-present search for purpose and peace that haunts me like a baobhan sidhe hunting in the evening hours.

And of course it's to record my sleeping dreams. Because my sleeping dreams can get freaking weird.

Yay for run-on sentences! ;-P


I'd walk a mile...

More writer's workshop for Mama's Losin' It. Enjoy!

Complete the sentence "I'd walk a mile for a ________." and continue writing about it.

I'd walk a mile for a Matsumoto's Shaved Ice. Actually, I would walk much much farther than a mile for a Matsumoto's. Let's take a little journey back in time.

I'm twelve years old. My family takes a trip to Hawai'i to visit my Grandmother, Grandfather, and Uncle who live in Mililanitown on the island of Oahu. It was a nice little vacation. Many points of it it stick out in my mind. Swimming in Hanuama Bay (were they planaria swimming below me?), watching the Blow Hole (shut up, Los), experiencing a Lu'au (hope I spelled that correctly) are a few of the things I remember.

But there are two incidents that forever colored my view of Hawai'i - in a good way, that is. My family decided to climb Diamondhead, an extinct volcano on Oahu. After that, we stopped at a shaved ice place called Matsumoto's. This place served all kinds of tasty flavors of shaved ice and the shaved ice itself was smooth and refreshing! While I don't remember the flavors that I got on my shaved ice (hey, it was 23 years ago! sheeesh!), I DO remember that I absolutely loved it.

I have had many snow cones, water ices, and 'shaved ices' from other vendors since then; but NONE of them compare to Matsumoto's! So yes, I would walk a mile or ten for a Matsumoto's Shaved Ice.

Oooo! They have a web presence!

The Dream Cycle, 2008.18

Attacked by a Werewolf

It must be getting near Halloween to have a dream like this. :)

I was with an sherriff and his deputy; we were approaching an old house to investigate a disturbance there. It was night time and the house was dark - no lights and now power - only a little moonlight shined through the clouds. We came up to the door and noticed a large triangular tear around where the door handle used to be. Obviously, the door was open so we entered the house. Both the sherriff and the deputy had their guns and flashlights drawn.

The sherriff ordered me to stay and guard the door as they searched through the house. Yeah. Leave the unarmed guy alone. Wonderful. So I stayed at the door and a little while after the went deeper into the house, I heard growling from outside the door. I turned and looked through the tear and saw the head of a wolf staring back at me. Its jaws were stained red and it looked almost rabid. I yelled for the sherriff and the wolf busted through the door. That's when I noticed that the wolf was humanoid (human body / wolf head) - it must have been crouching at the door.

Here is where the persepective changes. My viewpoint came to be like a camera above the sherriff's head. Him and the deputy came rushing into the living room (where the front door lead too). Here they saw an 8 foot grey werewolf, its jaws and chest stained red with blood, holding me off the ground. It's right hand was around my throat. I couldn't tell if I was alive or dead - but it didnt matter. The cops opened up on the werewolf - not worrying about shooting me in the process. Rotten cops.

And that's all I remember.


The Dream Cycle, 2008.17

A Deal With An Alien Pilot

In the dream, I was in a house that I owned (though I don't own a house). An alien ship about 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall came crashing in through the roof of the house and into the living room. It looked kind of like a cross between a Star Destroyer from Star Wars and a Battlestar from Battlestar Galactica. The ship had a brassy-copper color to it.

The ship kept flying around the living room, smashing into things. It seems that the ship was having navigation/flight problems and couldn't keep a steady altitude or course. (And this whole time I didn't care that my house was getting demolished) Eventually, the ship crash landed and sat in eerie silence for a while.

I went over to the ship and said something along the line of "Hey, come on out, maybe I can help with your messed-up ship!" Yeah, like I know anything about FTL drives and space travel. Nonetheless, a little 'person' emerged from the ship. It was humanoid in shape, wearing a silver flight suit and what looked like a mason jar as a helmet. And the little critter was about 1 foot tall. (By the way, don't ever call aliens 'critters', they hate that.) The alien looked at me with these big black bulbous eyes (once again - looked like a Grey) and asked how I could help fix its ship. I replied I don't know how I know but I could.

I didn't feel like being completly altruistic though and told the alien if it gives me trip through the solar system, then I'll fix its ship. The alien agreed. So I put my right hand on the ship and 'magically' started working - lights around the ship lit up with a bright neon green glow. (holy carp, I must be the Fonz!) The alien seemed pretty amazed and thanked me, then told me to prepare for the trip.

That's when I woke up.


Holiday Memory

Yay! More creative writing for Mama's Losin' It. I was going to go with the poetic option as my subject but decided on the holiday memory instead. Why? Because I have a headache, that's why! Creativity is tough to come by when you want to shove an ice-pick in your leg to make the pain in your head seem pale by comparison. But enough whining... ;-)

Write about a memory related to a holiday.

There was a christmas years ago when I was a wee little Ink that particularly stands out in my mind. It was the day that we got a new member to my family - a little Yorkshire Terrier that we appropriately named Jingles. (I called him Jing for short)
Jing was this happy-go-lucky little frenetic ball of energy. He was friendly to everyone and everything.

My parents had tried to keep him quiet and surprise my sisters and I when we woke up. But that didn't work. The little pup would have nothing of it. For one, we already had a dog named Buttons (she was a Border Collie, I think). Jing was quite vocal with Buttons when my parents brought Jing into the house. (It was around 4 or 5 in the morning and my neighbors had been keeping the pup overnight to help with the surprise) Then the pup decides to go rampaging through the house and jumps on one of my sister's beds. She freaked. And we were all up then. :) And I got a new best friend! :D

I miss that little pup. I remember when any of my family were out and we would come back, Jing would run around the living room in circles very very fast. What's more, he would curl his body sideways while he was running. I have no idea how he kept from tumbling over, but it was hilarious to watch.

Puppies are one of the best gifts a little kid could ever receive. It's a matter of showing unconditional love, respect, and devotion.


The Dream Cycle, 2008.16

A Swarm of Hungry 'X's

This one was a bit odd, though I'm glad I remembered a dream finally.

I don't remember alot of it by I remember lying in my bed and staring above me I could see a swarm of little black 'X's moving and twisting above me in strange little patterns. (Think of how a swarm of bees looks when they're flying around and it was simlar to that).

The 'X's were black and flat yet slightly shiny. Each 'leg' of the X had a small, teeth-filled mouth at the end of it. (Yes, I've been reading way too much H.P. Lovecraft again... go figure.) I was lying very still hoping the swarm would not notice me.

And that's it.


10 Things Worth Saving...

Well, it's been a week and no dreams have stuck in my memory. Once again, we're back to the writing assignment for Mama's Losin' It. Though I don't think I like the term 'assignment' (not her word - mine), let's go with creative endeavour. :)

List 10 things worth saving then choose one of those things and write about it.

1. Art in our Schools (keep the creativity flowing)
2. Little Baby Seals (awwwwwww)
3. Our Environment (well, duh)
4. Money (economy's hurting)
5. Endangered Pets (I'm a member of the SPCA)
6. Wildlife (both animals AND parties ;))
7. Hackey Sacks (should be an olympic sport!)
8. Our Government (down with the Corportocracy!!)
9. Hawai'i (I don't think it's in danger, but I love the place!)
10. Los's Hair (*snerk* HAHAHAHA)

Actually, finding ten things worth saving was kind of difficult. But what does that say about me? That I don't feel there is a lot worth saving or that we're in a good position so there isn't a lot that needs saving? Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

My choice to write about:

How could anybody not want to save a baby seal! Look at how cute that little guy is! The fuzzy little face! Those big round eyes! It's like the little guy is saying 'Protect me, Mr. Human!' to me.