The Dream Cycle, 2008.4

Rust Red Wolf

Running quickly and silently through the forest; leave no tracks. Nose to the wind I can smell mossy scent of the earth, ferns growing all around me, a million smells of wildflowers - they are everywhere. I stop on a rocky outcropping and sniff again. Now I smell it, the scent of the wounded. Prey, running feverishly, trying to survive our Wild Hunt.

A ghostly howl rises up from the trees in the front and to the right of me. Another howl answers much more distant to the left of me. More howls rise up to challenge the winds and I add my own howl to the chorus. It's a war song. A battle song. A dirge for the fallen. An ode to the prey.

At once we all break into a full run through the primeval forest. At a full gait, panting yet exhilirated. The fur on my paws is a rusty red color, I'm sure that is the color of my soul. The stag comes into view, it's flanks torn by our previous attempt to drop the meal. It darts to and fro through the trees, hoping to lose the pursuit. It's of no use, wounded and terrified. We are hunters.


The Dream Cycle, 2008.3

Through the reservoir of ice lies an apartment in the past

Myself and another person were riding in a car across a dam. On the right side of the dam was a reservoir and on the left was a small trickle of water no larger than a very small river that flowed down a valley. The reservoir side was frozen over with ice that interstingly looked of spiderwebs and black ice. (Think of black ice on asphalt and spider webs over top of it and that is what it looked like).

I remember as we drove over the dam and I looked at the ice, I thought to myself that it was very weird that the water was frozen. It was clear sky and relatively warm from what I remember. When we reached the end of the dam, I was suddenly in an apartment back in Pittsburgh.

The apartment was two levels, with two rooms on the lower floor connected by a hallway. In the hallway, nearer to the second room, was a door that led to the upper area of the apartment. It also contained two roomes that abutted one another. Weirdly though, I never lived in an apartment like that. But I remember living in an apartment like that, almost like a fake memory or deja vu. I remember looking at the door to the second floor and being araid to open it and go up there. I felt something was up there that I did not want to see.