The Dream Cycle, 2008.5

Forced Off Of A Bridge

I was driving and came up to a toll booth at the base of a large bridge. This bridge was huge, with six or eight different lanes all weaving and intertwining high up into the air. The booth contained about six different lanes and each lane led to a different part of the bridge. Some of the lane's construction looked to be never completed and had warning 'bridge out' signs posted where the road ended.

After I payed the toll, I began driving towards the bridge. I noticed that the lane I was driving in was one that hadn't been finished. I stopped maybe twenty feet from the edge, threw my car into reverse and began going back to get into a new lane. At this time, a sky blue pickup truck came barrelling through the toll booth into my lane. It drove up and smashed into the back of my car, pushing both of us through the 'bridge out' warning sign and over the edge. I remember seeing the raging waters of a large river or bay below as I fell towards it.

My Interpretation:
There is something I don't want to face but I will be forced to face it anyway.