The Dream Cycle, 2009.13

Wave after wave

I was in an second floor apartment at the beach in Ocean City, MD. It was sunny and I could see the myriad of people playing at the shoreline. Suddenly, I saw on the horizon, a massive wave beginning to emerge. I began yelling about the wave but went unheeded. I stood in a doorway, watching the wave race towards the shore and braced myself for the impact.

People then realized what was coming and started screaming, but it was too late. The wave hit hard and the water came up to my knees on the second floor. The sound was massive, a strong rushing sound. I felt the apartment building bend and shift back from the onslaught of the wave, but it held fast. Eventually the wave receded and there was debris everywhere.

I remembered reading that the waves usually happen multiple times so I got down from the apartment - climbed down really since the wood steps were demolished. Then proceded running inland. Other survivors were also moving inland and a few of us grouped up to try to find shelter.

We came upon a large concrete and steel tower (broadcast tower?) where some other people had climbed to the top. We were debating whether to go up there when they started yelling that another wave was coming fast. We began climbing but didn't quite get high enough before the wave hit. I was holding on to steel piping and bars when the force of the wave slammed into my back. I felt hands grab me and haul me out of the top of the second wave as it rushed through the town. After a few minutes, the tower began began creaking and shifting then bent to about a 45 degree angle from the ground. We held on for dear life and the water finally began calming and receding.

We got down from the bent tower and began moving farther inland again. We crossed coastal highway - debris, crushed cars, and bodies everywhere. We passed the demolished ruins of a firehouse as we made our way farther and then stopped. We found the edge of the bay. There was no more running, there was no where to go. We heard the familiar dreadful roar of a third wave and frantically began searching for another way to survive this wave.

We found a boat, tethered and somehow undamaged from the last two waves. There was enough room for the group and we climbed in and shoved off. The 20 ft. wave was bearing down on us as we got the motor started.

And I woke up...


The Dream Cycle, 2009.12

Hey, another dream! Who'da thunk it!?

Escaping the Army, Escaping the Giant

In this dream I was a medieval longbowman. I must have been doing scout work in a lowland area since I was alone. There were grasslands and farmlands around along with some wooded areas. Old-style hovels dotted the landscape. Eventually I came across an enemy patrol, they noticed me and attacked. I ran circles around them, plinking them with arrows every chance that I got. More and more enemy showed on the scene - the patrol was actually a flanking side of an army! I weaved through the soldiers hitting them with my bow while avoiding sword and axe swings and made my way into a corn field to hide.

The army gave up pursuit and when I emerged from the other side of the corn field, there was a giant waiting for me. He was about 20 feet tall and looked very similar to Andre the Giant. I would run around him, sending arrows into him while he tried to punch and swipe at me. I remember one manuever of running up his back and hitting him in the head with my bow before jump-spiraling off to run around again. I don't know how this battle ended since I woke up before it was over.

Action packed!