The Dream Cycle, 2010.4

Ink in the Veins
I was looking in the mirror at my right eye because it felt like there was something in it. I had broken a blood vessel and the 'blood' was slowly seeping out through my eye... except it wasn't blood. It was pure black, like ink. It spread from the upper right area of my eye through the iris and pupil down towards the lower left.

Lions of the Old West
For whatever reason, I was in an old west type town. I was hiding in a room on the second floor of a hotel. Looking out the window of the room, I could see a lion and two lionesses stalking through the town. Every so often the animals would work together to attack a tethered horse or chase after a person. I had a six shooter and would take pot shots at the lions to distract them. There were reports of people being eaten by the lions, but I only ever saw the lions catch tethered horses.