The Dream Cycle, 2009.3

Barbequeing Tips From Lucifer

So in my dream I was at a barbeque. There were tons of people and I remember being responsible for tending to some of the grills. At one point during the festivities, Lucifer (who was at the barbeque for some reason) came over to talk to me. Now Lucifer looked like the Lucifer from the movie Constantine, in a nice suit and tar all over his feet. He told me that I was his son (whatever) and then started giving me tips on how to properly barbeque chicken and burgers. Yes, this is the extent of my dark humor... He who is responsible for roasting millions of souls giving me barbequeing tips.

At some point, me and someone else (I don't remember who) decide to jet from the barbeque. The barbeque was on top of this really large hill - flat at the top, more like a plateau I guess - with a road that leads down to a main road. The main road was all backed up in one direction, so I decided to drive the other direction. I found that there were air conditioning units scattered on the road every 100 feet or so... figured that was the cause of the backup, even though the units were in my lane.

And that's the dream. o.O


The Dream Cycle, 2009.2

House Fire

Once again, I was in my old neighborhood. Standing outside my house, I heard this strange screeching/thrumming sound and saw what I guess was a falling star smash into the roof of my neighbor's house. The object was maybe only the size of a golfball.

Where the object crashed was slightly concealed by a gable on the roof of the house. I could see the flickering glow slowly growing and knew that the house had caught fire. I was transfixed. I saw the fire spread across the rooftop of the house. Yet, I could not move or call for help. It was odd.

And the fire burned...