The Dream Cycle, 2009.6

Boa Constrictors and Flamethrowers
I was in a large house with a few other people. I feel it was part of a military unit, but I'm not quite sure. Someone gave me a flamethrower (score!) to use in battle. It turns out that the house was invaded by a huge boa constrictor and that we had to take it out.

We started out in the basement (I don't know how we got there) and began moving towards the stairs up. At the bottom of the stairs was a 4 foot by 3 foot platform. This platform was covered by scarab beetles. The sarge (looked like he was from WW2) told me to light those buggers up. So I did. It was kind of odd though, when I attacked with the flamethrower, the flames shot out in a 'square cone' if that makes any sense. I commenced with incinerating those Egyptian beetles. For some odd reason, the house didn't catch fire.

So the unit makes it's way up the stairs. We get into the living room area and a guy in the unit called 'Windows' (he was wearing glasses) tells everyone to hold and listen. We hear a faint hissing and know the boa is near. We're holding still waiting and watching, but the python is not moving either. It lasted like that for what felt an hour....

then I woke up.

I'm pretty sure I know where the different elements of the dream come from this time. The snake theme comes from watching 'Life After People' - the episode was talking about boas becoming the dominant predator in florida swamps. Flamethrowers? Ok I got nothing. 'Windows' was a character in the movie 'The Thing' which I watched again (for the 50 millionth time - love that movie!) over the weekend. The scarab beetles are probably inspired by some stories from Egyptian mythology that I was reading yesterday. And the whole WW2 unit... well I play alot of WW2 games like Call of Duty: World at War.


Writer's Workshop - 05-21-09

Here we go again! Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - Dig it!

Share a love letter.
It's not what you think. Or maybe it is, I dunno.

To the world and existence:
You constantly surprise me with your ups and downs. I love the roar of the ocean waves and the remote majesty of the mountains, the flowing rivers that connect us together and the expansive fields that keep us apart, the violent storms that energize my soul and the sunny days that keep my blues in check, the howling beasts of the field and the beautiful flowers that inspire paintings, the catastrophes that end civilizations and the golden ages that show our resourcefulness, the introverted secret journeys and the wide-spread pack mentality, the blood steaming off the pavement and the tears of side-splitting laughter, the corpse that decays in holy ground and the innocent smile of a newborn, the faint light of a myriad of stars and the overwhelming presence of our Sun, the smallest grain of sand and the largest boulder on the hill, the chill of the whispering wind and the warmth of a Summer breeze, the cycle of everything and the meaning of nothing.

Now that's a run-on sentence. :)


The Dream Cycle, 2009.5

Attacked by a Giant Alien Turtle
I was on the rooftop of a building in a city with a bunch of other people. We were having a party and chilling out. This city had a bay, suddenly something large went streaking across the sky and crashed into the bay. I was expecting a large wave to come hit the city but it never came.

After the mist cleared out in the bay, I saw a gain turtle that looked similar to Gamera.

Except that this turtle looked more like a snapping turtle and it's shell plates rose into large wedged spikes. It began moving towards the city.

I sat and watched transfixed as utter chaos engulfed the city. The monster was rampaging, destroying everything in its path. Building were crumbling under the onslaught; droves of people fleeing in all directions; cars and busses crushed. I stayed on the roof top watching. And I woke up.

It was neat to have my own monster feature in a dream. Now I have to figure out a way to draw it! Career in Kaiju, here I come!


The Dream Cycle, 2009.4

In Class
I was in an art class and for some reason I was wearing an old medieval-style cloak. Maybe it was the dreaded holocaust cloak? :) I remember I was painting different things and talking to this girl who was sitting next to me and painting also. There were three major pigments we were using, ground from stones. These were azurite, malachite, and amethyst (blue, green, and purple respectively). All of these colors in their different hues and values made for a great landscape painting.

And there was more do the dream... but I don't remember it. :(