The Dream Cycle, 2007.6

Gangs of Punishment

In this dream, I was in a gang and for some reason or another, I shot one of my own gang members. Some time later, I was walking with two other members (each carrying bats) and we stopped on some street. Multiple cars and trucks pulled up and a ton of other gang members got out, some with bats some not.

They told me they were going to beat the crap out of me for shooting one our own. I told them I don't know why I shot him, but I wouldn't do that without provocation. There was screaming and yelling from them and me, with me continually stating I don't remember the shooting, though I knew that I did it. I just didn't know WHY I did it. The arguments and threats went on for awhile...

and I woke up.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.5

This is another dream made of snippets... I only remember pieces.

The Modular House, Preston and Steve, and Rae

I remember talking to an old friend, Rae. Unfortunately, I forget what we were talking about but she was jabbing up a storm.

Then, I remember meeting Preston, Steve, and Kathy? in their studio. I followed two other people (I think one of those peeps was you, -B-) and they were offering the trio something they were looking for from a scavenger hunt - don't remember what. Then I said to them, 'You guys rock!' and the half-heartedly said thanks. Bastards.

Then I remember being in the living room of a house, I walked to the door to go into the dining room and there is a square open field with walls to the left, before, and behind me; and a very large stream to the right of me. To the right of the door I exited is what looks like pigeon cages, but they're filled with ears of corn that have already been shucked. So I go into the dining room and out the door that leads to the bedroom and I'm in another field. This time I'm at the shore of the stream with a bridge that crosses over it and that bridge leads to the door of the bedroom.
Diagram below:

And that's all I remember.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.4

Ah, the weirdness...

My Neighbor's Model Cars

Once again, I'm back in the old neighborhood. For whatever reason, I was in my neighbor's carport and found some model cars that my neighbor (who's a little kid) hadn't put together. So I began putting them together, removing the pieces from their plastic trappings, one by one. Oddly enough, they weren't plastic - they were very thin glass.

Also, I was lugging around stereo equipment with me and I was listening to White Zombie's version of 'Boogieman' as I was putting these models together. I remember thinking that the bass frequencies were too loud, so I disconnected the subwoofer wires from the amp. Then I decided that sounded like crap and reconnected them. :)

My neighbor also had a babysitter who was quite concerned about me sitting in the carport, building models. She was quite a bit scared and felt like I shouldn't be there. But that didn't faze me, I continued building those cars... which looked similar to old Novas I might add.

That's all I remember.


Condemned, pt. 2

So after working for quite a few hours on Saturday, I go riding home around 3:30 pm or so. Nope, still can't get in... they're still working away. So I go hang out at the local Wal-Mart for the next two hours (I felt like such a vagrant). Around 5:30 pm, I try heading back to the complex again... Yay! Signs removed, happiness ensues. I have heat and hot water now.... and when I say hot water, I mean burn your face off - be careful how you turn it, it'll cook you like a crab. So, I'm back in my apt. and everything is hunky freakin' dory.

For a little while there, I knew what a person who loses their house felt like. It's a very desperate feeling, especially to those of us who need our own space to recharge after a long day of dealing with people. My sympathy to all of you who have ever experienced this.

Mmmmm... crabs.


Condemned... for a day?

So Friday afternoon I drive home from work, getting to my apartment at about 4:30 or so. As I pull into the parking lot, near my building I notice police cars, plumbing and heating vans, a back-hoe, and a Bristol Boro town car. Thinking they were fixing whatever was wrong with the heat, I think nothing of it and go walking towards my building.

I see magenta signs on all of the entrances to the A and B buildings. Condemned, they say. Unfit for human habitation and all that. I start to go in the building just as some people are coming out. They bar me entry - telling me there is a gas leak and that the two buildings are evacuated. I con't even go in to get a change of clothes or my medicine.

I find out from these guys that I 'should' be able to come back Saturday after 3. Also, that my landlord payed for rooms at the local Days Inn for all of us who were displaced.

So here I am at work on a Saturday counting the hours waiting to be able to go back in my place. This sucks.


The Dream Cycle, 2007.3

Finally remembering some of my dreams after a small hiatus. These are bits and pieces from dreams - I can't remember the full dream.

Sluicing for Treasure
From Dictionary.com, a definition of sluicing: 7. Also called sluice box. Mining. a long, sloping trough or the like, with grooves on the bottom, into which water is directed to separate gold from gravel or sand.

I dreamt I was sluicing in some mountainous area with a few other people. I discovered some gems, in different colors of brown, green, and blue. When I asked the master sluicer/miner who was helping us mine, he told me they were nothing important and handed them back to me. I think they are important, I found them after all!

The Hellhounds of Ocean City, MD
This is actually a re-occuring old dream I had in my early teens. I remembered it recently from seeing the previews of the movie '300'. In the one scene in the preview, it shows a person being stalked by a large dog (wolf?) with glowing eyes. In my dream, the hellhounds looked very similar to this except that they had flames trailing out from their mouths. (Not breathing fire, mind you, it just licked up out of their mouths - like their insides were on fire. Anyway, to the dream:

I'm in Ocean City, MD and the city is dark and desolate. There are parts of bodies everywhere and I know that these poor people were killed and devoured by the hellhounds. I hear an eerie baying and go running down Coastal Highway and jump into a side street near 23rd street. I think that these creatures are hunting me now, so I decide to go to my parent's old place on 20th street and the boardwalk.
I make it, go climbing up the stairs (the apt is on the 2nd floor), go inside and lock the door. About five or so minutes after I go in, the wooden stairs leading up to the place collapse. Now I'm trapped inside.

Again, I hear the baying and I look out a window at the street below, there's about a dozen or so hellhounds pacing around the area. Suddenly there is a loud thump at the front door, so I go looking out a window of a room next to the entrance and see that the hounds are jumping from the ground to the second floor. They're trying to bash their way inside.

One eventually busts through a window, and sprawls on the floor. Everything then starts moving in slow motion. The hound stands up slowly and turns it head to stare at me as I cower in a corner. I bares it's teeth and starts walking then running at me... it jumps at me, and I remember seeing fire and teeth about a foot away from my face. This is where I always woke up in the dream.


6 Strange Things...

Now I wasn't tagged, but I'll write up 6 Strange Things About Me in the spirit of comraderie, right Los?

6. I got in an argument with the Lieutenant Governer of Maryland many years back when I worked for Parks and Rec. It was July 4th evening, and the place I worked always had a fireworks display. One of my jobs was to keep people from crossing a field that possibly contains burning but still unexploded fireworks. I.E. safety cop. So, this retard and his entourage go walking past me ignoring my warnings/pleadings not to walk across that field - past the field, down the road was a parking lot which makes the field a short cut. I argue with these people for about 10 minutes why they can't cross the field, when one of the guys says, "DO you know who you're talking to?? This is the Lieutenant Governer of Maryland!! We'll walk where we want to!" Arrogant bastard. I don't care if you're the Dalai Lama of fucking Retards... I'm trying to protect you from getting hurt. So.. these guys continue walking, I said something to them along the lines of, "People like you are the reason people like me are anarchists." Unfortunately, no fireworks exploded in these self-important assholes faces.

5. My legs can bend slightly backwards into a 'locked' position. It freaks people out. Both of my sisters can do it too... it's genetic! Also, both of my elbows end in points.

4. Myself and my old friend Tony went running around my old house in Baltimore with butcher's knives because we heard voices whispering from the darkness. No fooling. There was no one else in the house and we weren't drunk or high... drugs are bad, kids. I've heard/seen/sensed spirits and ghosts many times in my life.

3. When I was little, I used to go fly-fishing at a camp in northern Maryland with my Dad, Uncle, and Cousin. We catch mostly Rainbow and Brown Trout. One summer when fishing at a lake, this guy is fishing somewhat near me. He goes to cast the fly and implants the hook in my upper leg. Now, have you ever seen the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movie scene where Ace gets an arrow in the leg and starts screaming??? That was me, except with a fly hook.

2. I've eaten rattlesnake.

1. I can read and write in Runic (Elder Futhark!) and speak in Enochian (though I usually don't know what the hell I am saying - and it's been a very long time since I've tried, I'd be hard-pressed to speak it correctly now). Some people could consider this to be speaking in tongues... it's just psychobabble people!